Shiva became a fisherman

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Shiva became a fisherman

Once Lord Shiva began to explain the mystery of the Vedas to Parvati on Mount Kailash. Parvati was listening attentively, but in between she seemed to be felling asleep. When Parvati could not keep her mind focused even after trying hard, Shiva came in anger and said - “Parvati! What is this happening? I am explaining you such a deep secret and you are that you are taking naps. You have as much intelligence as a woman of a fisherman. Go, be born as a woman of a fisherman in the land of death. "

Parvati vanished from Shiva's curse at that moment. Later Shiva regrets what I did? Whose affection was unfathomable to me, I gave up in a fit of anger?

Shiva's mood could not be hidden from his supreme servant Nandi. He started thinking - "Swami is very restless without Mother Parvati." Unless the mother returns, the master will not feel rested.

On the other hand, Parvati arrived in the dead and lay under the Punnai tree as a baby girl. Shortly after some fishermen of the Purvar clan passed through there with their Sardar, they got their eyes on the infant girl. Sardar picked up the girl and took her as a Prasad sent by God and brought her home. She named the girl-Parvati. When she grew up, she went fishing with her father. He grew up and learned to sail

Parvati Apoorva was beautiful. How many youths of the clan did not appreciate his form. Some of them were keen on marrying Parvati, but Parvati was not interested in marrying any of them.

On the other hand, the disconnection of Parvati to Shiva on Mount Kailash was becoming unbearable. One day, he told the agony of his mind to Nandi. He said - "Nandi! I remain very restless night and day without Parvati and cursing the hour when I got angry and cursed Parvati. Hopefully! At that time I would have acted patiently. "

Nandi folded his hands and said - “Swami! Then why don't you go to Earth and take them? "

"How to get Nandi?" He will be married to a fisherman. " A groan came out of Shiva's mouth. Knowing the agony of Shiva's mind, Nandi began to think that I should do something that Swami had to become a fisherman. Considering this, Nandi took the form of a very big fish and walked towards the coast where the fishermen of the Parvar clan used to live. On reaching there, Nandi became a fish and spread terror among the fishermen. When fishermen put their nets in the water, the fish would cut their nets. Their boats would flip over.

When the terror of the fish increased more and more, the head of the clan announced - "Whichever man will catch this fish, with that I will confuse my daughter."

Many youths tried to catch that fish, but failed. Helpless fisherman Ray Sardar took refuge in Shiva - “O ocean of mercy, O Kailashpati! Get rid of this fish. "

The chief's daughter also worshiped Shiva and said - "O Sadashiva, O Pralayankar! Help us Now we are your only hope, Lord! "

Shiva heard his call. He came to the chief after making a fisherman's costume. He told the chief - "I have come here to catch that fish."

The chief said - "Young man! If you catch him, our caste will always sing your qualities. "

The next day Shiva took a huge net and landed in the ocean water. When he threw the net, the fish came and got trapped in it which was actually Nandi. Nandi became a fish, thinking - "I am done." Now the master and mother will meet. "

Shiva brought the fish to shore. The fishermen started cheering them. Sardar said - “You have saved us young man! How do we thank you? "

According to the promise, the fisherman Sardar married his daughter with that young man with great pomp. Nandi appeared in his true form after the marriage of fisherman Shiva and fisherman Parvati and brought him to Mount Kailas on his back. Shiva's conscience disappeared and Parvati was freed from the curse. The life cycle continued as before.

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