By the grace of Hanuman Ram Darshan

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 By the grace of Hanuman Ram Darshan
Tulsi's mind was so absorbed in Rama that he had forgotten all his sorrows and pains. Now he had no complaints about the insult done by his wife. He said that he was the one who inspired him to escape from the trough of pleasures. Those who closed their doors for them by saying ‘ominous’ instead of giving Dutkara or a piece of bread, now they seemed to be their favorite. If this were not the case then they too like other people keep on wandering to get love from their loved ones. No wonder all these poor people are dreaming of making each other rich and others also do not get tired of making imaginary casserole with their eyes closed. . The interesting thing is that both of them know each other's reality, yet such dramas are being performed, from which nothing is going to come of it.

Tulsi now had the same desire day and night in his mind that those who had read and heard so much about Shri Ram, whose influence he saw in his life, should have his philosophy. But how? There was no way that one day a strange thing happened. At this time they lived at Asi Ghat in Kashi. After defecation, as soon as he poured the remaining water into the root of the acacia tree, someone's voice came, "You have been satisfying me by giving me water for many days, I am very happy with you. Ask! Anything you want? ”

Tulsi looked around, no one appeared. ‘Don’t be confused,’ thinking, when Tulsi started walking, then someone stopped, “Ask! I'm glad I want to give you something. You have satisfied me with the water left over from defecation! ”

Tulsi stopped. They said, "I do not know who you are, nor have I given you anything out of a wish. It all happened by accident. So how can I take the fruit of what I did not do. This is against religion. Then you are not even coming in front of me. If asked, it goes to anyone who wants to come forward and give something! ”

"By giving religious arguments, you have compelled me not to let you go empty handed. By doing so, I will not do you any favors. It is possible that this will reduce the pain in the vagina. The company of sage men is always like a shadow of sandalwood.

"Speaking of coming in front of you, it is not possible for me to do so. No sinful soul can dare to come to a devotee who always remembers and meditates on the name of Rama. Then you know that the demon receives a ghost that wanders from place to place. ”

Hearing the phantom's polite words, Tulsi started thinking. Then he said, “If there is such a thing, then forgive me! I am unable to fulfill your wish. I have no desire other than the vision of Shriram. I have seen all the pleasures of the world up close, I have come to know their reality. ”

While completing the sentence, Tulsi left from there. The ghost stopped, “Stop! If I can't do something, then I can tell you the way to complete it. In the morning Sankatmochan temple, where you narrate, a leper comes first as a listener and goes last. There is a strong stench coming from his body, so he sits away from the audience at the place where everyone takes off their shoes and slippers. Just grab him. He will tell you how to get your wish fulfilled. That is the only and sure way to reach your destiny. May your wishes come true! ” Saying this, the phantom remained silent.

"If so, I will try to free you from the ghost." Tulsi reassured the phantom and walked towards his hut.

Tulsi, completely soaked in the spirit of Rama-darshan, could not sleep at night. In the morning, after retiring from his daily activities, Tulsi reached the Sankatmochan temple built near Vishwanath temple. Right now God was making up. After Shringar and Aarti, the preparation of Sri Ramakatha started. Tulsi stood outside and waited for the leper to come. He came and sat down at his fixed place. Tulsi Acharya sits on the back. They were thinking that if it got up and walked in the middle, then om. Raising in the middle of the narrative is disrespectful and also an insult to the desirable form. This is the opposite of both ethics and theology, which can never be soothing and beneficial. And then the spokesperson of the story must have respect and dignity of Acharya Peeth.

It seemed to the listeners and the servants and priests of the temple that Tulsi's mind was confused somewhere. Restlessness was evident in his words, expressions and fun. Somehow the narrative was indulged. Aarti Hui. Offerings were distributed. All the listeners went their separate ways. The leper was not taking the name of getting up and walking. Standing at the gate outside the Tulsi temple, they were waiting for him to come. The wait is over. Tulsi started walking behind the leper. The leper would sometimes speed up, sometimes very slowly. Tulsi was also following him by making some distance. The city limits ended. Dense gardens came. The leper took the path of a trail. Seeing the solitude, Tulsi increased his speed and stopped the leper and lay down at his feet. The leper started to escape, so Tulsi grabbed his feet, "I won't let go. What is your true form? Who are you?"

The leper tried hard to hide his appearance from the basil. He also gave various greeds, but they did not have any effect on Tulsi. The devotee, entangled in worldly pleasures, asks God for wealth, etc., he does not need God. This was thoroughly examined by Tulsi in his life. So they stuck to their word. After defeating the leper, he finally had to reveal himself in his true form. Seeing Ramdoot Shri Hanuman standing in front of him, Tulsi seemed to lose his senses for some time. Tears of love were flowing from his eyes. They wanted to open their eyes, but the tears that did not stop even when they stopped forced them to keep their eyes closed. His ears heard a sweet sound, “Watts, I know what you want. By the way, Shri Ram is pervading in every particle of this world, but only after seeing the realization, the devotees experience the omnipresent and omnipresent Ram. Such a refugee Vatsal Shriram will come to bathe at the confluence of Mandakini and Payaswini Ganga revealed by Ansuya at Ramghat at Chitrakoot on the coming Punyaparva Ramnavami, which is the day of manifestation of God and this day is also Tuesday. He will be accompanied by his younger brother Shri Laxman ji. They will look like normal princes, but they will be easily identified by their auspicious traits. There you will be able to see your favorite. If you have any other wishes, please let us know. I will complete it too. ” Hearing these sentences of Shri Hanuman ji, in which there was a firm assurance of Ramdarshan, Tulsi's mind became thoughtless and stunned. He opened his eyes with great difficulty. But now there was no one there - neither leper nor Rambhakta Hanuman!

Tulsi reached his hut, picked up his belongings and started walking towards Chitrakoot. The full festival of Ram Navami came. Become a panda and go to Ramghat of Chitrakoot with Tulsi worship material. Tilak etc. used to do whatever came, but the eyes were looking for someone else. That is why they did not pay attention to anything that was placed in front of them as Dakshina. Suddenly two princes came and stood in front. His form was captivating. But Tilak was washed due to bathing, so Tulsi could not recognize him. That is maya. Eyes fixed on form cannot experience form. External signs are often a hindrance to morphology.

Even after applying tilak to him, when the illusion of Tulsi did not break, a Ram Bhakt sitting on a branch of a nearby tree became Shuka and warned another Ram Bhakt. Hanuman said -

Bhir Santan Ki Bhir on the ghat of Chitrakoot.
Tulsidas Chandan Ghisain Tilak Det Raghubir.

Tulsi shocked. He grabbed the steps of the princes standing in front. They were none other than Tulsi's favorites - Shriram and Laxman. Tulsi's life became successful with the vision and touch of Ishta. Tulsi has not considered Hanuman as such a Sadguru. He is the real deity of Kali Yuga who provides strength, intellect and knowledge.

When Tulsi composed his world famous composition 'Ramcharit Manas', he first freed the ghost by reciting his path. This gratitude was towards him who showed him the way to meet Ramabhakta Hanuman and from which Shriram appeared again.

After this, Shriram started living with Saint Tulsi. It is learned that after the composition of Ramcharit Manas, many scholars of Sanskrit objected to this text written in Awadhi language and sent two persons to Tulsi's hut to destroy Tulsi and his composition. When they reached there in deep darkness, they saw two princes holding bows and arrows guarding the place. This happened many times. He was none other than Shriram with his younger brother. Whose protector is Shriram-Lakshman himself, no hair of him can make him dandy. This place is famous among the devotees of Ram today by the name of 'Ramanuja Koot'. When the time came, Lord Vishwanath had confirmed 'Ramcharitmanas' as the best creation. Here we should not forget that Hanuman ji is also an incarnation of Lord Shiva - i.e. the eleventh Rudra.

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